Working with beto was a total joy! He worked with us adults as well as our children and he was so patient, encouraging, kind and skilled. he was able to gauge his teaching for each skill level and made the whole experience an incredible time. i'd recommend him to anyone! We are counting the days until we get to learn from him again!

Seattle, WA

Beto is an amazing surf instructor. I have never touched a surf board and never would have expected to stand up so quickly and enjoy the lesson so much. We went through a 30 or so minute lesson on the beach before we went to the water. This time he spent explaining all of the details of hand and foot placement and the way the ocean works, really made a world of difference. By the time we got into the ocean, he set me up on my first wave and I stood up immediately! I did the 3 day surf only camp, by the 3rd day I was catching waves on my own and decided to stay for 2 extra days! Thank you Beto! I can't wait to surf in Sayulita again!

Romy Segall
La Jolla, CA

Learning to surf is one of the best things I have ever done, and I could not have done it without Beto. Beto is not just an incredible surfer and instructor, he is like the "surf whisperer", magical in the water and even better with people. He not only taught me, but also my my 13 year old stepdaughter and 6 year old son, and we all got up and rode a wave on the first day. I completely and wholeheartedly encourage you surf with Beto, your life will never be the same again.

Chanel Reynolds
Seattle, WA

I'm currently working in Mexico City and took the long weekend to travel to Sayulita. I spent 3 days surfing with Beto and it was one of the best times I've had in quite some time. His knowledge of the ocean and surfing in General made my experience very enjoyable.
(I was actually breaking right and left!) He shared not only his surfing knowledge but also all the culture that Sayulita has to offer. Beto is a very well known and respected member of his community and it shows when we were out on the town enjoying what Sayulita has to offer. This guy goes above and beyond' surfing…

I have already begun to book my next surf safari…

Joe P
Fort Lauderdale, FL